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Our Story

Originally built as an outdoor-focused content creation and distribution platform, our objective was to create content specifically designed to benefit from our proprietary interactive video software and analytics tracking system. With time, research, and a strong team we evolved and built COTU as it stands today.

As we look to the future we invite the world to join us as we continue pioneering interactive video.

Our Team

The COTU team is committed to providing you with a best-in-class interactive video experience for your brand. Keeping your customers in mind at every step, we offer a high-quality solution that solves both your client’s consumer needs while providing you with exceptional service and meaningful business insights. Learn more about the folks involved in leading the charge to re-shape the possibilities and promise of interactive video.

Richard Baugh


As the Founder and CEO of COTU, Richard is passionate about evolving video from a linear to an interactive experience by putting new tools in the hands of both brands and consumers around the world. He’s been creating and working on mobile video and marketing platform solutions for 14 years.

Joe Cadle


As an entrepreneur himself, Joe brings years of experience in brand marketing, content production, and bold creativeness to COTU. He spent the last 5 years working with a number of startups across multiple verticals, driving value in the creative and go to market strategies.

Sprat Nabors


Sprat is excited to be a part of COTU, bringing vast amounts of energy and management experience to the team. He’ll be managing and overseeing all the day-to-day and financial operations, along with contributing to the long-term strategies of COTU.

Terri Harwood


Teri has 20+ years leading Product Management and UX teams with a focus on consumer and SMB markets. Teri’s career spans businesses of every size, from early stage startups to Nike, successfully bringing products and services to market and driving high growth in mobile and SAAS products.

Annie Hinners

Director of Brand Marketing

With multiple years dedicated to marketing and user engagement, Annie Hinners is excited to bring COTU to both customers and businesses. She is responsible for all efforts around building brand awareness, driving lead generation, and most importantly, putting customers at the forefront of everything COTU does.

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