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How to Add Clickable Links to Video: Make Your Videos Interactive

Adding clickable links to videos can transform your customers’ passive viewing experience into a highly engaging interactive encounter. Interactive content can increase user activity by 591% and purchase intent by 9X.  To add clickable links to your videos, you could use a mainstream video hosting platform like YouTube or opt for a more dedicated interactive … Continued

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6 Types of Interactive Video Ads to Increase Engagement and Sales

Online video consumption has increased by 121% since 2019, prompting more advertisers to invest in video advertising. Easy accessibility and immediate consumption make videos a powerful and popular marketing tool. Yet, it has become increasingly challenging for brands to compete for attention in overcrowded digital marketplaces.  Enter the interactive video ad.  As a form of … Continued

Personalized Interactive Videos - Featured Image

How Personalized Interactive Videos Can Engage Customers in 2023

A personalized interactive video goes one step beyond adding interactive elements for viewers to engage with. A personalized interactive video gathers unique data from viewers in non-intrusive ways and then uses that data to tailor their experiences. For example, gathering data on what types of products a person clicks on, then sending a unique email … Continued

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Interactive Videos: Use Them to Increase Engagement and Sales

An interactive video allows the viewer to engage directly with its contents instead of simply being able to click play or pause. For example, in an interactive shoppable video, viewers can click on the product cards to learn more about the product or to buy it right within the video. In this way, interactive videos … Continued

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50+ Interactive Video Statistics and Trends for 2023: What You Need to Know

It seems only yesterday that click-and-shop replaced the giant malls for average American consumers. Yet here we are again, at the pinnacle of evolution in e-commerce, as shoppable videos make it even easier for consumers to buy their favorite products without hopping all over the internet. No wonder e-commerce sales are predicted to reach $6.5 … Continued

Featured Image - 15 Shoppable Video Examples

15 Shoppable Video Examples + The Lessons We Learned From Them

Video is a powerful medium for promoting your brand. Add an interactive element to it, and you have the perfect way to reach and engage your target audience. Think of shoppable videos as online store windows where you can instantly learn more about any product. Consumers save time by clicking on the products they want … Continued

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Software For Interactive Video: A Comparison Of 37 Platforms

Interactive video elements are making a splash in digital marketing. With 90% of marketers reporting increased sales with interactive video, it’s a good time to hop on the hot trend. Interactive videos are distinct from regular videos since they allow users to engage actively with the content.  No matter what form they take, interactive videos … Continued

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Shoppable Videos: Everything To Know About Videos That Convert Customers

Shoppable videos are entirely changing how consumers make their online purchases, providing incredible opportunities for you to boost your ecommerce sales. These interactive videos allow customers to click on products directly in the video to either get more details or add them to their cart.  This significantly simplifies the customers’ buying journey. A simple buyer’s … Continued

How to Make Shoppable Video

How to Make a Shoppable Video to Boost Ecommerce Sales in 4 Easy Steps

Shoppable video allows viewers to click on products directly within the video to get more details on the products and to add them to their shopping carts. All this can be done without interrupting the shopper’s viewing experience since they don’t need to pause or leave the video. This offers tremendous benefits to your ecommerce … Continued

Interactive Videos Examples - Featured Image

100 of the Best Examples of Interactive Videos You Haven’t Seen Yet

Interactive videos are an innovative way for brands to create engaging content for marketing campaigns or promotional material.  About 66 percent of consumers prefer to watch a video about a product rather than read text. In addition, videos incorporating interactive options have 3x longer viewing time, 2x the number of conversions, and 14x the number … Continued

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15 Shoppable Video Companies: Solutions and Software

Shoppable video has taken off in the last few years, and its usage is expected to grow exponentially.  Customers love shoppable videos because they can learn more about featured products and buy them directly from the video. They no longer need to pause the video and fumble around the internet to find the products that … Continued

Featured - Future of shoppable video

The Future of Shoppable Video: How It’s Shaping Ecommerce

Shopping trends may come and go, but the use of videos in ecommerce is not only here to stay; it’s evolving in new and exciting ways. Nobody can deny the importance of video as part of the shopping experience. In fact, for the third consecutive year, video is the number one type of content used … Continued

interactive content for ecommerce

Interactive Content for Ecommerce: How Shoppable Video Can Increase Sales

Interactive content is any piece of content that allows your audience to interact actively with it instead of passively reading, watching, or listening. For example, an infographic with clickable buttons or drop-down menus, or shoppable videos with links embedded right into the content. Why should this matter to you? According to the Lead Generation Benchmark … Continued