As soon as Jean Phillip finished his studies he wasted no time and moved to Gaspésie with his family to pursue his dream of becoming a fly-fishing guide. He embarked on a quest in trying to understand how to catch the one and only Atlantic Salmon, a fish which comes back from a long journey to its home river to spawn. Today, the Atlantic Salmon has become much more than a fish he enjoys to catch – it has become his life!

For Jean Philips, its about more than just catching fish. Fishing isn’t just a hobby that he has picked up; It is part of his life. After returning from his studies, Jean decided to become a fishing guide to make some money. He says that becoming a fishing guide is a bit like becoming a  nurse; You need to know and understand the vocation.

For Jean, the Bonaventure River is home. He has been on rivers across the world but none of them quite felt like home for him. The Bonaventure River though, and the rivers in Quebec are the rivers that make him feel most at home.

These rivers are home to some great Atlantic Salmon, the prize for fly fishing enthusiasts in Quebec. These salmon swim down stream to different rivers and streams and bodies of water. They live a full life, but ultimately they return home to the North. There is a beauty, and a parallel that Jean sees with the salmon. It is why for him, its about more than just catching another fish.

Fishing is an activity that has incredible value. It can be used to teach people the importance of respecting yourself and nature and the people around you. It is the chance to appreciate the beauty of fly fishing and of nature. If you lend yourself to it, it can also help you learn about yourself.